Print/Fax Centre


Do you have a fax to send? We can do that!

How much you ask??
– Within Canada – From $2.00* /Per Fax
– Outside Canada – From $3.00* /Per Fax

We can also receive faxes on your behalf too! From 0.25¢ **

*If sending more than 10 pages, subject to a per-page rate
**Cost per-page received up to 10 Pages. Price per page goes down after 10 pages received.


We can print a variety of things! If it can fit on a 8½x11 to an 11×17, we can most likely print it.

Resume … Yep!
Posters … Yep!
Business Cards … Yep!
Pictures …Yep!
Newsletters … Yep!

Want it folded, stapled, hole-punched or bound … We can do that too!

How do I get what I want printed to you?
– Send it to us in an email (
– Bring it to us on a USB stick, SD Card, or the Original you want copied

What File Formats can you print from?
– Microsoft Word Documents
– Microsoft Excel Documents
– Microsoft Publisher Documents
– Adobe PDF files (This is the preferred file format, as it retains the font and colour settings you’ve chosen.)
– Most Picture File Formats: JPG, PNG, etc…

If you’re not sure if we can print the format of your document, send it to us, and we’ll let you know.

How much does it Cost?

Call or Email us with for pricing.